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The roadmap for divorce.


Everything you need to plan the easiest and fastest divorce possible. All resources in one place, 100% discreet, and completely free.

Should I hire an attorney?

How will I tell my children?

Who will get the house?

How should I tell my spouse?



Cost Analysis

Receive a cost estimate for your specific situation. Gain insights into how to save money on your divorce.


Discrete Communication

All communications with service providers are initiated by you. The Split does not provide your info to anyone without your request.


Connect with Experts

Find local experts to help you through the divorce process. From lawyers to real estate agents, we’ve got you covered.


100% Free

Create an account, use our time and money saving tools, and connect with divorce experts at your discretion, all at no cost.



Plan and track progress using our interactive divorce checklist that adapts to your unique situation.


Bring it All Together

All the tools, knowledge, and expert service providers you need in one place.

The Process


Understanding the divorce process before you start and having the right team of experts will make your split as smooth as possible. Our simple process will help you plan ahead, stay organized, save time and money, and achieve the easiest divorce possible.


Take our survey.


Learn about the divorce process.


Find and connect with local service providers.


Track progress until your divorce is complete.

Build Your Team

Most divorces require the use of at least a few service providers. Having the right team of experts by your side will help make sure your divorce is quick and fair.


Having a qualified legal professional in your corner to support you throughout the divorce process can help ease the stress and will also help ensure that you leave your marriage with everything you are entitled to. 

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Real Estate Professionals

If you own a home, chances are you will need the help of a real estate agent or mortgage professional. Find the right team to determine whether buying, selling, or refinancing your home is the right move.

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Financial Professionals

Going through a divorce is likely to change your personal financial situation significantly. Make sure you start your new life with a balanced budget and a long-term financial plan with the help of a financial professional.


Divorce can be stressful for you and your other family members. Luckily, therapy is more accessible and affordable than ever. Get the help you or your family may need from a qualified mental health professional.

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